Current 2018

This Summer I will be exhibiting jointly with Philippine Sowerby in the Tower Gallery, Crickhowell. The dates are the 9th May to the 7th July 2018.


The Printmakers Summer School at Arts Alive Wales for 5 days in August was a great success. A group of very keen students attended, all producing great work. Some students had limited experience, others more, but all worked happily on ideas and set tasks producing masses of delightful images. We had a lovely shared lunch on the last day and a visit to my studio with tea in the garden! Here are some images below:


Previous 2017

On the 18th March 2017 I ran a printmaking workshop at Arts Alive Wales in Crickhowell. 

On the May Bank Holiday weekend I took place in the Crickhowell Open Studios weekend.

At the end of March I provided some work for 'The Picture Show' at the Brecon Theatre  2017. This was in aid of the Royal Welsh Regimental Museum.

I have 3 new cards produced from linocuts inspired by the local landscapes. They are proving popular in the Tower Gallery and local shops. I hope to have these available on my website soon together with 10 other cards of my work.

I continue to sit in at the Tower Gallery Crickhowell as a member of the   Co-op, doing a couple of days a month. To see the latest exhibition details and contact numbers go to the website; or      phone 01873812495 


My show at the Tower Gallery Crickhowell in October and November was very well attended. People particularly liked my display of tools and blocks and examples of work showing the processes I use. My new 'local' large prints were well received with many sales.

In the first week in November I taught a weekend course at The Printshed, near Hereford.I enjoyed meeting 8 new enthusiastic people who all made great prints over 2 days. I am doing another weekend workshop there on the 6/7th May 2017

Before I took some time off for our trip to Andalusia, I sent off a large amount of work to various exhibitions: At Hayletts Gallery in Malden, The Rheged Centre, Penrith for 'The Great Print Exhibition' and I continue to exhibit at The Golden Hare Gallery in Ampthill Finally to the Norwich Gallery in Cromer and Norwich for Polly Miller.


 A two day weekend workshop was held at The Print Shed, Madley, near Hereford. This studio is run by Jill Barneby and is very well equipped with good facilities especially a big press and lots of space to work. I might be doing more work with her next year. I've attached images of some of the lovely work that was done during the workshop.


On Monday 19th October in the evening I gave a talk to the Abergavenny Art Group, illustrated with a slide show as well as actual artwork, blocks and tools and my portfolios of past and present work. People do really enjoy touching the wooden and Lino/vinyl blocks and hearing about the rather complicated process I have developed over many years of working. 


On August 15th, I ran a 5 day Print Workshop for 9 students at Arts Alive in Crickhowell. Great work was produced using a range of mediums, from Vinyl,Lino, Wood and Collage. Here are some images of the workshop in progress:


At the end of 2014 I joined with 6 other artists and 3 sponsors to form a cooperative gallery called The Tower Gallery.The gallery is in the High Street in Crickhowell (number 49) and the postcode is NP8 1BH. Every six weeks there will be a new exhibition showcasing one of the contributing artists work. My first exhibition will take place from Wednesday 10th June until Saturday 18th July 2015.


Look out for dates of exhibitions and workshops, although I will not be participating in the Crickhowell Open Studios this year. (I only take part every other year to enable me to have new work to exhibit!) 


Because of the big demand for my prints in 2014 the editions of  'Bridge 126 Winter' and 'The Sea' are now unfortunately sold out. 


Autumn 2014

2014 ended with me being pretty busy with giving talks, running workshops at Richard Booths and exhibiting my work at the Glasbury Visual Arts Exhibition. It was good to end the year in a flourish! 


May 2014

I did a workshop at the Oriel CRIC Gallery with 30 ten year olds from the local primary school. Some of their work was framed and exhibited in the gallery. Later 6 of the young artists came to my studio and learned how to print on my 1840's Columbian press, each producing a limited edition of 5 prints, numbered and signed by them. As two of them had sold a print at the exhibition I wanted them to learn about editioning.


May 2014

The 3 day Open Studio was a great success with over 150 people coming to see me in my studio and view the exhibition in the house. Over 50 of my prints were on display and good sales of prints, cards and books were made. Lots of cups of tea, glasses of wine and cakes were enjoyed also! Many thanks go to Suzette at the Oriel CRIC gallery and all involved in promoting and organising the event.


February 2014

The talk at Richard Booths yesterday went well (I think!) judging from lots of questions from the 30+ strong attendees. The enthusiastic and well informed audience consisted of professional artists or those with artistic ability and having a deep interest in developing their artistic skills further.

Here are some photos taken during the talk:

February 2014

Now we are emerging from the wettest winter on record it's good to see the days getting that little bit longer!

This Friday, the 21st February 2014, I will be giving a talk on the changing nature of illustration.This is taking place at Richard Booth's Bookshop in Hay on Wye. The event is in aid of the charity 'Arts Alive, Wales'. Tickets for the event can be obtained from the bookshop and the revenue all goes to help support this great charity.,

December 2013

I'm currently exhibiting in Norwich until the 7th January but nothing else is planned in the immediate New Year at the moment. I do hope to take part in the Crickhowell Open Studios next year. This takes place 24th - 26th May 2014. In the meantime I'm keeping warm and waiting for the snow to arrive! Happy New Year!

 October 2013

The days are now definitely drawing in and the place to be is inside with a nice log fire on the go! That is what I'd really like to do but right now I need to drive over to the east of England and deliver work to two exhibitions. Have a look at the Exhibitions page to get the details. 

July 2013

Please take a look at my new work which is shown in the 'New Gallery'. The four recently added; 'Two for Joy', 'The River', 'The Heron' and 'The Nest' are all multi block Linocuts with paint and are all in the same format of 295mm square.  Also please have a look at the 'Exhibitions' page as these new works are now being exhibited in the CRiC Oriel Gallery in Crickhowell. 

It's been a glorious summer thus far and the garden is looking really great as a result. As an indulgence I've added a couple of images!

January 2013

2013 has started with a big fall of snow in the Brecon Beacons. We have been snow bound for the best part of a week, although a thaw is reputedly on the way. I've been taking the opportunity to work on some new images in my studio as I haven't been able to go anywhere! Look out for some new artwork on my website in 2013. In the meantime I've added some snowy views!

Since writing about the enjoyable Open Studios event I have now printed and hand coloured more of the Canal and Usk River picture 'Bridge 126 Winter' and this is now available to buy on the website. The edition size is 25. Because of the long landscape format I've put it into its own gallery space on the website! It can be found in 'New Gallery' from August 28th 2012.

The Crickhowell and Area Open Studios and Galleries took place over the Jubilee weekend and ran from 2-5 June 2012. There were 41 venues participating which represented a 33% increase over last year. As my studio is now well and truly up and running I took part this year. Over the 4 days I had around 100 visitors and I was able to show them my engraving and printing techniques in the Studio. They were then able to view my artwork on the walls of my dining room, converted into exhibition space for the occasion.


Response to my work was obviously very positive based on the purchases made and in particular of new work. I have recently completed a view of the Monmothshire and Brecon canal and the Usk river, close to Bridge No.126 on the canal and this sold well even though I have only printed a couple of artists proofs! I'm now going to print the edition (probably 20 prints), depending on the the number of good prints that I can get. Watch out for the print on the gallery but I've included a photo of the framed one which was on display during the exhibition. It's quite a large image measuring 920mm x 310mm. All in all the Open Studio was a great success. Hard work but enjoyable and a great way to meet fellow artists and neighbours!


 Me standing outside my studio overlooking the Usk valley.


 Here's the long awaited Columbian Press! Designed by an American called George Clymer from Philadelphia in 1813. My press was built in London some time after 1817 when Clymer came to England to licence a number of firms to manufacture his press. The press is now operational!


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